Municipality of Prrenjas



Name Municipality of Prrenjas
Address Rruga Skenderbej, Bashkia Prrenjas
Entity type Local institution
Category Institution
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Contact phone 0035559122404
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Опис на основни активности The history of the creation of the city Prrenjas dates back a long time.

In the period of the Albanian-Ottoman wars, the area where the city rises was called Torviollit. The native hero, Skanderbeg, before heading for battle (the battle is known in history as Torviollit fight) told to his fighters, that the battle must be won. A significant history has been written here.

The name of the town of Prance is closely related to the same battle that the Skanderbeg army won. Many Turkish and Albanian soldiers were killed. There were so many soldiers killed that is  believed to have been flowing a river of blood.

Terrain configuration and altitude offers a continental climate characterized by cold winters, wet and short summers.

Geographical area: Prrenjas is bounded on the north by the municipality Librazhd, in east with the Republic of Macedonia, in south and west Pogradec and Elbasan Municipality. The capital of the municipality is Perrenjas.

Number of population is 33,377. The city of Perrenjas has numerous mineral resources in the immediate vicinity, like the iron-nickel processing plant and mine for nickel-silicate. The city of Perrenjas  was founded as an administrative unit in 1958.





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