Restaurant-Guesthouse “Sofra e Shpatit” Gjinar

Restaurant-Guesthouse “Sofra e Shpatit” Gjinar
Name  Sofra e Shpatit
Address Sofra e Shpatit, Gjinari, 301 Gjinari
Entity type Restaurant-Guesthouse
Category Restaurant-Guesthouse
Contact person Petrit Mufali
Contact phone +355 69 360 5938
Web page
Description of core activities Restaurant-Guesthouse “Sofra e Shpatit” Gjinar is located in the village of Gjinar in Elbasan, at an altitude of 930 meters above sea level. In addition to the traditional delicacies, the wonderful mountain setting , the fresh air contribute to the true enjoyment of the guests. At the moment, the vans from “Cerriku Kruqezim” (Crossroad Cerrick) are addressed to the location every day from 06:00 to 17:00. Anyone who is interested in visiting our restaurant can contact us and we will inform about traveling possibilities.