Curative Hotel “Panorama” Llixha Elbasan

Curative Hotel “Panorama” Llixha Elbasan
Name Curative Hotel “Panorama” Llixha Elbasan
Entity type Hotel Kurativ
Category Hotel
Contact person Ardit Cekrezi
Contact phone +355 068 626 5401
Web page
Description of core activities
Curative therapy, tranquility, comfort, wonderful nature and clean air, all together can be found at Hotel Panorama
You have to go there in order to see and enjoy miracle environment of this hotel, interior decoration, cleanliness, nutrition, spa bathing conditions, tranquility, outdoor environment with different flowers and trees and artistic works create a rest and beautiful facility cure
The Llixha Hidrajt bus departs at about 100 meters below Elbasan municipality building at 8.15 pm, 10.15, 12.15 (daily) 1/30 (Monday to Friday).