Information to STEP network members

Dear STEP members -  accommodation facilities, hotels, villas, hostels, apartments and similar facilities that are part of the tourism business, if you want to use the allocated VUCHERS in the amount of 6000 denars, you need to register on at the following link...

Vouchers for tourism

The Government of the Republic of Northern Macedonia has adopted a set of measures to revive the economy. With the measure for support of the citizens and support of the domestic tourism, it awards VAUCHERI in the amount of 6,000 denars for vacation in the country. At...

Testimonials – STEP members

Stay home and learn how the STEP Network functions and what are the benefits of joining it, through the testimonies of our members in the regions Polog and Elbasan.

Eco tourism Polog – Elbasan

If you are a fan of eco products, the regions Polog and Elbasan offer just that. #StayHome and watch the video where you can find real eco rural food. Enjoy!

Reka Region

Reka Region, the entire natural and cultural beauty gathered in one place. Enjoy!

Elbasan – A region with the history set in stone

One of the most famous landmarks of the Elbasan Region is undoubtedly Via Egnatia, the most famous economic and strategic road in Byzantine times. Almost all of Western Europe's land trade in Byzantium took place via this road. #StayHome and enjoy the video dedicated...

The Polog – Elbasan food experience

If you are a fan of the Balkan cuisine, the Polog and Elbasan region can offer you the best traditional meals. #StayHome for the upcoming holidays, check out the video and get inspiration for your Easter feast.

Polog – Elbasan by way of the mountains

For all fans of mountain sports and adventures, this video is for you. What you need to do is add these two destinations to your Post-Corona-To-Do-List. The STEP project and this is video is provided by funds of the EU.