Together – to a strong local and regional economy

“Creating a common future” is the slogan of the upcoming cross border all day event, which will take place on July 10 in Ohrid, organized by nine projects implemented by 30 CSOs, grant beneficiaries from the Cross Border Development Program between Republic of North Macedonia and the Republic of Albania, financed by the European Union. The total value of the projects funded by the European Union is around 3 million euros.
This event is planned to unite more than 150 participants from various profiles professionals in the field of tourism, representatives of the NGO sector, local government, business sector, (active in tourism, agro-tourism, catering trade and chambers of commerce), as well as representatives from the media.

The main focus of this event is identification of opportunities for tourism development, promotion of cooperation in the cross-border area between the Republic of North Macedonia and Albania, as well as promoting the results of the projects that are part of the European Union Cross-Border Program.

In the frame of the event a regional conference is foreseen, entitled “Development of tourism in the cross-border area” witch joint sign is: cross-border cooperation in direction to stimulate the local and regional economy, the development of the sustainable tourism, the importance of innovation in the provision of regenerated and better quality eco system, possibilities for new employments.

The participants on July 10 will have the opportunity to be part of an attractive Fair, which will aim to illustrate the synergy of the regional cooperation so far (within the 9 projects, part of the Cross Border Development Program between the Republic of North Macedonia and the Republic of Albania ), but also to witness the opening of the rescue center of the Red Cross in Ohrid – the first in the region of this kind.

At the beginning of the event a speech will have high-level representatives of both countries.