On the 2nd and 3rd of May, in Tetovo, Republic of Macedonia, the third and forth hands on workshops for international collaboration were held. Participants from the STEP network in both Elbasan and Polog regions had the chance to learn how to manage their brand online as well as learn concrete online tools for increasing their visibility online, as well as improving their touristic offers. The purpose of the workshops was to help members become more independent in running their business and increase their capacity for international cooperation.

During the third workshop, the participants had the chance to learn how to make and properly manage a FB fan page and what options it offers. During the presentation trips and tricks were share for the page to make it more accessible and functional. The participants were introduced to Booking and Airbnb.com as well.

During the forth workshop, participants had a chance to learn about managing a brand on Instagram. The second part of the workshop was dedicated to helping clients with direct help in their marketing efforts from STEP staff.