The Local and Regional Competitiveness Project in the framework of the implementation of the destination management process organized a study trip to Slovenia from 25 to 28 November. The purpose of the trip was to get acquainted with good practices and with the process of destination management which is successfully implemented in the Republic of Slovenia. The working trip was intended for members of the primary group of stakeholders working on the regions Reka and Polog, and it was attended by STEP representatives. During the four-day working trip, topics related to tourism were discussed. Methods of working with organizations managing destinations, ways to increase the tourist visits to the destinations offered, the opportunity to collaborate with multiple regions, finding innovative ways to attract tourists are just some of the topics discussed. During the working trip, STEP representatives had the opportunity to exchange good experiences with tourism workers and organizations managing destinations from Slovenia in order to find ways to further self-sustain the project.

Because some of the goals of the STEP project are networking with regional and international entities through internet tourism, as well as creating networks and opportunities for collaboration with small and medium-sized enterprises and entrepreneurs, participating in this working trip is a step further towards achieving these goals.