Starting the first of October 2019, members of the STEP network will have the opportunity to be mentored by pre-selected experienced professional mentors / trainers who can provide expertise on the following 5 topics:

  • Branding support for the business / products / services of STEP members (restaurants, hotels, hostels, weekend owners, and other travel agents) to increase the benefits
  • Support for the use of marketing tools (with a focus on online marketing) for tourism entities to be more visible online and on domestic and foreign markets
  • Building entrepreneurial skills
  • Hospitality and customer relationship management
  • Online customer service, e-communication with stakeholders


These are experienced business professionals who will provide hands-on experience to members of the STEP network and other private and public tourism entities involved in the capacity building process.

Interested members can communicate with responsible persons for Polog region:

Kalin Markovic – Marketing Specialist


Contact phone: 070/345 – 525

Fatmir Hoxha – Project Manager


Contact phone: 071 / 261-897


And responsible person for Elbasan Region, Republic of Albania:

Kostadin Jackali – Project Manager


Contact phone: +355698120780

Priority will be given to members who apply first.