Regional Association “AlbNatyra” for Forests and Pastures in Elbasan Region



Name Regional Association “AlbNatyra” for Forests and Pastures in Elbasan Region
Entity type Association
Category Association
Contact person Ndricim Cela/Fatmir Brazhda
Contact email
Contact phone 00355682520932 / 00355696223130   /   00355683576089 / 00355674568211
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Description of core activities The purpose of the activity of the Association “AlbNatyra” is:

1. To give stakeholders the opportunity to contribute to community development through the realization of their interests by means of coordination, advice and support in the general interests of the membership agreement in favor of bringing their members and third parties to all citizens who agree with the goals of the organization;

2. Services of the highest quality of a comprehensive, sustainable, integrated, accessible to everyone (all), regardless of sex, religion, political affiliation, orientation, status and social status, to have equal access to information and services, advocacy and lobbying for the use of health, education, curricula;
3. The use of environmental programs for protection and development of natural ecosystems, in order to improve the socio-economic life of the community, health of quality and education, with the exception of the political programs, citizens’ are active actors and are informed about the process of creating, access to and use of environmental programs, conservation and development of natural ecosystems for improving public life;

4.To promote the development of the environment and nature with forest resources, water and soil through education and inclusion of the population in the development of the values and principles of sustainable development at all levels by demonstrating its commitment to improving the mission, promoting personal and professional integrity, improving the quality of services and using new contemporary knowledge;
5. To collaborate and promote work with other actors, governmental and non-governmental organizations, local donors and foreign investors in communities to protect, promote and promote the rights and freedoms of members in promoting approaches equivalent to information and services to people in sectors that are in the scope of their work;
6. To use the programs areas of activities to improve the lives of vulnerable groups, rural communities and intercity, education, effective quality of health care, improving social and economic conditions. This NGO EAD has a specific objective to promote the importance of the participation of women and youth in the use of programs and educational activities, the development and implementation of environmental policies, and the promotion of voluntary practices of their activism in decision-making initiatives when it comes to achieving the mission and the goals of its work both locally and nationally;
7. Coordination of the activity at all possible legal levels and alignment with the mission, vision and goals of “AlbNatyra”
8. Inform, advise, train and raise public awareness for the promotion and development of environmental and natural resources protection in forest habitats, water, land, through education and involvement of the local population in the development of the values and principles of sustainable development;;
9. To contribute, through its protection structures, the growth and sustainable development of forest pasture fund and other natural resources in order to cooperate and promote to work with other government actors, NGOs, donors, investors, protection communities,  promotion of human rights and freedoms, promotion of equal access to information and services for people;
10. Assist continuous environmental education of the population for the use of programs and educational activities, development and implementation of youth policy, promotion of voluntary practices, youth activism, women and vulnerable groups in decision-making processes initiatives to an acceptable level;
11. To cooperate with state institutions, non-governmental organizations and social organizations to implement the program;
12. To support any initiative that has to do with improvement, increase the storage of each natural resource, the priority for the development of biological diversity.
13. The actual logo of the association: “The man inside the tree” signifies the relationship of man with nature.






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