Name Mustseedonia
Adress Skopje
Typo of entity NGO
Category Professional Guide
Contact person Ivana Petrovic
Contact phone  +38971308831 
Decription of main activities

There is a place that has stood the test of time, where East meets West and history has never been forgotten. A place that we are proud to call our home. The age old traditions and the mystique around it makes Macedonia and the Balkans a true cultural gem of the world, a must visit destination and a real treat for every open minded and educated traveller. The etymology of the word Balkan which means “wooded mountain chain” gives one a clue what to expect by embarking here. With its pristine landscapes, uncharted terrain and world class adventure activities that include hiking, backpacking, cycling, skiing, ski-touring, cat-skiing, paragliding, horseback riding, trail running and many more, this region is an outdoor paradise. Include the amazing food made from scratch, exceptional wines, and the charming hospitality of the people and check where on the list of your next adventures this hedonistic destination stands. In this variety of choices for both hard and soft adventure, a local hand, (team, know how) we believe, is needed. So if you are not the person that just wants to cross this place off the map and you want to immerse yourself in the local way of life, then we are here for you.

Mustseedonia is our land of adventure where we develop and promote sustainable ways of doing tourism and responsible outdoor activity. We believe that everyone should be accountable for the environment protection and our cultural heritage, therefore raising awareness for these issues is our premise. Adventure is what inspires us and our approach is passionate and dedicated. In order to meet your needs and make your experience memorable, the products that we design are as unique as every group or a project is.

Our activities involve:

  • Design and organize tailor-made tours in Macedonia and the Balkans
  • Host and provide logistical support for wide range of projects (production crews, travel journalists, team building…
  • Media content production
  • Provide consulting and hold seminars, panel discussions and workshops
  • Organize events

So if you are a traveler, group of friends, journalist, movie production crew, photographer, and we are on the same frequency, than we would be delighted to join our forces and embark in something adventurous together.





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