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Name Joco Prom – Panorama
Address village Vrutok 
Entity type Restaurant
Category Restaurant
Contact person Joco Spaseski
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Contact phone +389 78 233 333
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Description of core activities

For us, cooking is a pleasure and service respect…!

Panoramic view, rich gastronomy and friendly service. We always create the modern from the traditional…

Restaurant Panorama

Located in the beautiful surroundings in the village of Vrutok, we provide the best panorama of nature. Inspired with the work from 1996, we always have provided you with service, taste and quality. Joco – Prom was the first company that through its work motivated for continuous investment in this business. The main merits belong to Zoran Spaseski, who constantly and persistently worked to open the restaurant Panorama. Always with the choice of the most delicious food, especially with the preparation of all kinds of fish, we have gained the experience and authority with which we today are synonymous with tasty food.

We started with a minimum capacity, but always by giving the maximum in the gastronomy, we managed to increase the capacity of the restaurant to 30 tables (200 people).

Services and products

Everything is in perfect order and it is maintained on basis of general taste of customers, we offer you a service with experience from abroad. The environment is filled with details and style. Unlike in other restaurants, you will be served with love and respect.

For you we choose carefully the best products. We are known for the preparation of all kinds of fish and superior in the preparation of beef. These products can always be accompanied by salads and tapas served with love. Much of our menu consists of a set of all drinks, ranging from soft drinks to the most famous wines and alcoholic drinks. The sweetness of your visit will culminate with our desserts, which are carefully selected for you.

All this collection of flavors along with the excellent panorama, seen from the place where we are located, is offered just for you to convince you that we are the only place where you feel the need to return again.

Our goal is to serve you well to offer you the best food! Panorama! 





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