Curative Center “Ylli” Llixha Elbasan

Name Curative Center “Ylli” Llixha Elbasan
Entity type Curative Hotel/Center
Category Hotel
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Contact phone +355 (0) 69 97 73 243
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Description of core activities The Curative Thermal Center “Ylli”  is the only curative center with outdoor thermal springs. The sources of which date back to the earliest times. Even according to the information, it is thought that the Romans have used it for treatment in since ancient times. The existing hotel building started in 1949 and was completed after two years in 1951. In 2017, the entire curative center underwent a complete reconstruction, offering today’s modern accommodation facilities and all the facilities for complete treatment.
The Curative Thermal Center “Ylli” is located in the spa area of Llixha, part of the administrative unit of Tregan, only 12 kilometers from the city of Elbasan, along the Elbasan-Cërrik road. The thermal water source has been protected from interference over the years and has maintained unchanged its unique characteristics, which is unique in its type and features.In this thermal curative and recreational center are offered  required all treatments to complete a comprehensive curative package for all individuals who suffer from various diseases.

The Curative Thermal Center “Ylli” has a capacity of about 180 beds. The accommodation conditions are among the best offered in the curative area ranging from rooms, heating system, toilets, restaurants, bars, internet and relaxing environment at the hotel’s garden.

In this thermal curative and recreational center are offered all the services needed to complete a full treatment of individuals suffering from various illnesses and treated diseases such as:

rheumatic diseases
bone disease
diseases and skin infections
respiratory problems






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