The Metamorphosis Foundation announces a call for expressions of interest from suppliers of consulting services for mentoring members of the STEP network for the “Project for Strengthening Innovative Tourism – STEP”.

The activities of the project are ongoing (they will be completed by March 31, 2020), and the mentoring will last for a maximum of 9 months according to prepared terms of reference and time dynamics, which will be additionally determined, in the Elbasan and Polog region region, for approximately 60 small and medium enterprises (approximately 30 in each of the regions in Macedonia and Albania)

The project should create a base of several mentors with the skills and knowledge identified as needed during the consultative process in the initial period:

Branding support for the business / products / services of STEP members (restaurants, hotels, hostels, weekend owners, and other travel agents) to increase the benefits

Support for the use of marketing tools (with a focus on online marketing) for tourism entities to be more visible online and on domestic and foreign markets

Building entrepreneurial skills

Hospitality and customer relationship management

Online customer service, e-communication with stakeholders

The aim of these mentors is to provide practical experience for members of the STEP network and other tourism private and public entities involved in the capacity building process. They will be constantly advised and assisted in advance predicted dynamics, providing the necessary information and advice on specific issues related to strengthening tourism in the cross-border region and promoting the goals of STEP. All project partners will be available to coaches during the duration of the Action.

Legal entities – consulting companies and non-governmental organizations, as well as individuals with experience from the five thematic areas above, who will demonstrate with a portfolio of past related activities as part of their CV, can participate in the call.

Candidates should have a BS in the field of economics, business, management, tourism, ICT, communications and similar that will correspond with the thematic areas, as well as more than three years of work experience in the thematic areas for which they will apply. Knowledge of Albanian is considered an asset. In addition, experience in the field of tourism will be considered as an asset.

Each offer should include the CVs of the foreseen mentors, and which areas you are ready to cover (if it is a company, a CV of several mentors, with an indication of the areas that will be covered by the mentors respectively).

The deadline for submitting the bids is December 24, 2018, at 14 o’clock, by e-mail only at

Only a short list of selected potential candidates for mentors will be contacted individually, for more detailed information on possible directions of action.

For additional information and consultations you can contact the Project Coordinator Florent Bajrami, by e-mail, or by phone 075 222 144. 

The project is financed by the European Union’s Cross Border Cooperation Program.