Within the Smart Tourism Enhancement Project (STEP), the second constitutive meeting of the STEP network, regarding Albania, on broadening and enhancing the strategic and coordinated access to specific new and strategic markets for export of tourism and touristic businesses (especially small and medium enterprises – SMEs and new enterprises) as well as strengthening of the foundations, general surrounding and required elements for strategic achievement and utilization of new international markets in the tourism industry and bettered communication and cooperation so coordinated development of joint cross-border entrepreneurial activities can be achieved was held on 25 May in Elbasan at the Real Scampis hotel.


Attendees, and at the same time end users, were small and medium enterprises, government agencies at central and local level, tourism groups, chambers of commerce, starters and citizens as potential entrepreneurs in the field of tourism as well as nongovernmental organizations and media.

During the second meeting, attendees discussed the activities that will be direct benefit of potential members as well as the draft rulebook, which will provide the future baseline for functioning of the STEP network.

Additionally, the members gave recommendations regarding the creation of a joint website, while the ones that hadn’t formally signed the application form did so at the end of the event.


In the upcoming period, they will cooperate actively with the project team, in order to be able to provide substantial data to their subjects.

The STEP project is funded by the European Union’s Cross-Border Cooperation Programme and is implemented by Metamorphosis Foundation with the partners Centre for Development of Polog Planning Region and Council of the Elbasan County.