In the two consecutive meetings in Elbasan and Tetovo, for the creation of the framework of the possible tourist packages of the respective regions, some possible tourist packages were prepared.

At least seven possible packages can be offered to members to create joint tourist packages by Elbasan:

  1. Belshi Lake, Seferan (optional canoe), photo sessions, traditional clothes, accommodation in Elbasan (Gjinari as a supplementary option)
  2. Model Via Ignatia, Peqin, Elbasan, Gjinar, continuing in Macedonia
  3. Elbasan’s spa’s
  4. Gramsh, Holt Canyon, Caves
  5. Shebenik Jablanica National Park
  6. Beech forests, with bicycle tours
  7. Elbasan Summer Day, as a special package

As well as four possible packages for the Polog region:

  1. Tourist package of Polog’s cultural monuments;
  2. Tourist packages of tourist centers such as P. Shapka and Mavrova;
  3. The tourist package of Via Ignatia and its branches in Polog;
  4. Tourist packages of caves in Pollog and other natural resources.

They can be concretized at the two-day workshops at the end of January in Popova Shapka (30-31 January), Macedonia and on February 13-14 in Elbasan, Albania, where key participants are expected to be commercial tourism entities (restaurants, hotels, tourist agencies, hostels, accommodation, …) from the two mentioned regions.

Also as initial ideas were given the cheese degustation packages in Mavrovo and Sharr Mountain, agricultural tourism and paragliding tours for specific groups of tourists.

For this reason, we invite all interested parties to give their ideas before these meetings and all interested parties should contact the respective project managers (Fatmir Hoxha – Macedonia, Konstadin Çakalli – Albania) to confirm the attendance due to the genuine organization of the workshops.