Младинска Алијанса



Име Младинска Алијанса
Адреса ул. “Јане Сандански“ Бр: 119/15 1200 Тетово 
Категорија НВО
Лице за контакт Небојша Захариески 
Контакт мејл mladinskaalijansa@yahoo.com
Контакт телефон +38970209915
Веб страна http://www.mladinskaalijansa.org
Опис на основни активности

Who We Are

Youth Alliance Tetovo  is a non-governmental, non-profit,  and non-partisan organization, located in Tetovo, a town in the North-Western part of Macedonia, where different nationalities live alongside each other with different religions, cultures, and traditions.

Youth Alliance Tetovo was registered in 1998 under the old Law on Citizens’ Associations and Foundations. On Sep. 13, 2002, the group was re-registered as an Association of Citizens under the new ‘Law on Citizens’ Associations and Foundations’ in the Basic Court of Tetovo under Reg. 3GF.Br.57/2002


Tetovo Youth Alliance advocates for the greater development of democracy and civil society, the strengthening of trust between different ethnic groups, and the inclusion of young people in cultural entertainment, environment, sports and educational activities. We provide assistance and support to students in this country and abroad, offer advice on human rights, favor greater inclusion of youth in civil society, fight corruption and aim for the greater rule of law throughout the world.

Field of Activities

NGO Youth Alliance Tetovo, within its field of action, had divided its activities into two programs and a youth program, which operate independently of each other. Starting in 2005 and based on recent activities in civil society Youth Alliance Tetovo opened a grassroots program entitled Civil Society.Our Activities:
•Youth & Children
•Legal Advice & Access to Information
•Fight Against Corruption
•Transparency & Accountability
•Monitoring of Public Procurement
•Good Governance
•Fight Against Human Trafficking
•Youth Issues •Shaping Public Opinion
•Educating and Raising Public Awareness of Local Issues
•Development of Law and Legislation
•Human Rights
•Technical Assistance
•Provision of Human or Technical Resource Expertise to Citizens and NGOs

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/mladinskaalijansa/





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