The last joint meeting of the working group for the development of a framework for joint tourist packages was held in the village of Janche, Mavrovo Rostuse, in the complex Tuto, also a member of the STEP network.

This time, the participants were from the both sides of the border, where they presented each other more specific opportunities arising from the first two meetings. Elbasan’s working group presented the possible packages that can be offered to members:

Lake Belshi, Seferan (optional canoe), photography sessions, traditional clothes, accommodation in Elbasan (Gjinari as an optional option)

Via Egnatia, Pecin, Elbasan, Ginar, which can continue in Macedonia

The baths of Elbasan

Grams, Canyon Holta, caves

Shebenik Jablanica National Park

Beech forest, with bicycle tours

Day of the summer Elbasan, as a special package

Some of the packages were presented with some sub-packages, and 10 mountain trails were presented.

Meanwhile, the Macedonian group presented the four basic packages of the region of Polog and Mavrovo:

Tourist Package of Polog Cultural Monuments;

Tourist packages of tourist centers such as Popova Shapka and Mavrovo;

the tourist package Via Egnatia and its signs in Polog;

Tourist packages of caves in Polog and other natural resources.

They also presented concrete hacking packages, and discussed the possibility of other packages such as cheese tasting packages in Mavrovo and Shara, agricultural tourism and paragliding, a tour for certain groups of tourists

The group had the opportunity to see on the spot the alternative package of Tuto complex, restoration of old houses, tasting of country food and walking around the village.

Due to the need for more detailed preparation of the packages, it was decided that the two-day workshops, where the main participants are expected to be tourist commercial entities (restaurants, hotels, travel agencies, hostels, accommodation, etc.) from both of these regions, will be realized during end of February.