Restaurant “Kaçamaku”

Name Restaurant “Kaçamaku”
Address Boris Kidric 1230 Gostivar, North Macedonia 
Entity type Restaurant
Category Restaurant
Contact person Harbin Fejzi
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Contact phone 0038970471366
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Description of core activities One more reason to visit Gostivar! For a few months in Gostivar was opened a special restaurant that prepares for you Kaçamaku with passion, making you feel special in our environment with the traditional style and with the best service, because for us the guests are kings and queens so we try to serve you in the best way! In addition to the ‘Kaçamak’, you will also find ‘Petulica’ a traditional food that has been inherited among Albanians from generation to generation. You will also find special traditional deserts such as ‘sylvatic’, ‘kajmakçin’ and ‘shqepërpare’. There is also wood furnace from which you can try our delicious pizza and pancakes, up to the most peculiar pizza with nutella who rarely can resists! At the end you can close the day with a traditional house cafe, with a specially served tea or with an espresso or maciato of the best flavor! Kaçamaku (Begërdari) this food that has been considered as the food of poor people but over the years people began to see the health values that this food has, so today Kaçamaku (Bagërdari) is also served in the most prestigious and quality restaurants and you can try it at our restaurant. Kaçamak derives from the Turkish word “Kaçamak” which means adventure, is a kind of corn porridge made in Balkan countries and in Turkey. Kaçamaku is also known as Bagardar in the Republic of Macedonia, it is a meal made with corn flour, according to tradition it is served with sheep or cow yogurt. It is food similar to Italian Polentan or Romanian Mamaliga. In Bulgaria traditionally is served with sunflower oil, sometimes with hints of toasted red or hot pepper, soft white cheese is often added to it, as well as in Montenegro and Herzegovina, Kaçamaku is served with white mild cheese, while in Serbia it is served with cream, yoghurt, honey, milk or some roasted meats.




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