Hostel Kitka, and Hunting Lodge



Name Hostel Kitka, and Hunting Lodge
Address Vratnica, Tetovo, RNM 
Entity type Hostel
Category Hostel
Contact person Драгиша Јововски
Contact email
Contact phone 0038970603383
Web page Also, only the order is offered game (wild boar, wild goat and rabbit, etc., etc.) prepared in a traditional manner.
Description of core activities The hostel is located in the village of Vratnica, and it is at 750 m above sea level, in the northwestern part of the Republic of North Macedonia, on the slopes of Sharr Mountain. Here you will enjoy the village idyll and the beautiful view towards the peaks of Luboten.

The company offers healthy and fresh food from local farmers from the surrounding area, fruit and vegetables, fresh eggs and honey from their own farm, which are one of the prerequisites for offering real rural tourism.

By order is offered meat from wild animals (wild boar, wild goat and rabbit, etc.) prepared in a traditional manner.

Domestic wild boar sausages are a unique product of Hunting Logge, and can only be tasted in our premises. They can be served with Tetovo beans which is widely known as the brand of the Polog region, prepared in the pot according to my grandmother’s recipe, or with potatoes from the local fields.

We have a large choice of seasonal salads and pickles, as an additional side dish to the main dishes.

The hostel offers 6 rooms, one single, three double and two four-bed or one four-bed rooms, and one VIP room with a double bed, a private bathroom with a modern massage bathtub. The package includes sleeping and breakfast, which preserves the tradition, the famous natural tea and home-made products.

In the vicinity of the hostel, there are several beautiful places to visit, such as the Vratnica Lake (1 km from the hostel on the south side). In the same direction, 500 meters from the hostel, there is the monastery St. Tsar Constantine and Helen, built in the foundations of an old church, dating from a long time ago.

For those who love hiking in a mountain, a small open-type open-air hut is located in the vicinity of one hour, which is halfway from the direction towards the Livadicko Lake on the border with Kosovo.

Vratnica since long ago has been regarded as a starting point for the route to the Peak of Ljuboten.

The hostel also has two terrain vehicles available.

Soon, inspired by the frequent visits by bikers  from foreign countries, in cooperation with appropriate entities, the complex is ready to offer its facilities for building several tourist packages:

  • Package for mountain biking
  • Mentoring for beekeeping
  • Rural tourism (eg sleeping in the countryside, piking up chest, making ajvar, baking brandy, etc.)





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