“EU for you”, is the motto of all EU-funded projects in Macedonia, but ” we all together, for us”, is a motto that moves us forward and is an instigator of meetings such as the regular meeting between representatives of Metamorphosis and IEGE (Smart Tourism Enhancement Project (STEP), and Beyond Borders – Introducing Smart Tourism and Sharing Economy, funded by the cross-border program under IPA II allocations for 2014 and 2015).

The goal is to use all complementary knowledge acquired through projects and to use it more efficiently as possible means for greater results within the projects.

At this meeting, the experiences of the IEGE research were shared, and then the questionnaires prepared by the STEP project team presented by Florent Bajrami from Metamorphosis were reviewed, with useful recommendations by Suzana Kasovska Georgieva from IEGE.

The monthly meetings aim to multiply the effects of individual activities and interventions within the projects, since much of the activities of these two projects are of a similar nature, but the geographical target group is completely different.